A Brief Spice History

In the year 1271 Marco Polo left Venice, Italy for China. He returned in 1295 with extraordinary tales of Cathay and his extensive travels. He wasn't the first Italian to travel the Silk Road, or to deal in the spice trade, but he is certainly the most famous.

Gran Cucina Spices recreate the innovation, quality and vision of Marco Polo with our fusion of exotic Asian ingredients with Italian culinary expertise. Our spice line is the best of both the Eastern and Western hemispheres and you will find our ingredients second to none in quality, freshness and flavor. Our “Great Kitchen” includes Black Sesame Seed, Star Anise, Oriental Five Spice from China and Thailand; Cinnamon, Mace, Nutmeg and White Pepper from Indonesia; and Tellicherry and Malabar Black Pepper and Alleppey Turmeric from India.

The “New World” of the Western Hemisphere brought to Europe by another Italian explorer – Christopher Columbus – brings Gran Cucina Herbs, Chili Peppers, Citrus and our famous Onion and Garlic. Our Herbs are green, bright, fresh and vibrant with flavor. Unlike other spice companies who seek the cheapest available ingredients our herbs are stem and twig free, have wonderful color and incredible leaf integrity which allows the flavors to develop in your food and diminishes flavor loss in processing and storage.

Gran Cucina Chefs blend these wonderful ingredients – literally the flavor foundation of the world’s cuisines into dynamic and creative spice blends and rubs which increase the consistency of your finished product and ease the foodservice chef’s task of recipe and menu development. Classics like Herbs de Provence, Five Spice, Garam Masala, Ras el Hanout, Curry and Lemon and Lime Pepper stand in contrast to the incredibly innovative Bangkok Thai Seasoning, Rice Vinegar Rub, and Tomato, Chipotle and Basil Rub.

Explore and enjoy our offerings which have lower sodium, no mono-sodium glutamate, no dyes, no irradiation and no artificial ingredients, but do include dynamic flavor combinations and purity to make your kitchen a “Gran Cucina”. Buon Appetito!