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Hailing from Italy, mozzarella is a mild, white fresh cheese that’s made by the special pasta filata process, whereby the curd is dipped into hot whey, then stretched to the desired consistency. At one time, mozzarella was made only from the milk of water buffaloes. Today, however, the majority of it is made with cow’s milk. Fresh Mozzarella is not cured in brine or aged like the low-moisture Mozzarella more familiar to most of us. The moist, sweet, tender, milky, nutty and buttery flavor, and springy, yielding texture, is unlike that of any other dairy product. The different sizes of fresh mozzarella relate best to the sizes of fresh tomatoes since it naturally is a gastronomical match made in heaven. Fresh mozzarella is always packed in water." It’s generally made from whole milk and has a much softer texture and a sweet, delicate flavor. It’s excellent simply spread on bread with salt, pepper and a little olive oil.

Cooking Ideas

The culinary possibilities with mozzarella are endless. At its simplest, all mozzarella needs is a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil and a grinding of aromatic black pepper, and it’s ready to eat. Mozzarella is ideal combined with tomatoes, basil, or oregano, and can be stirred into cold or hot pasta or vegetable dishes

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