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Popular in the Mediterranean region of Europe, Lupini Beans are often found at Italian fairs and as an appetizer at Spanish beer halls. In the past Lupins were rarely used as a grain food due the the bitter taste from the high alkaloid content of the bean. In the the last 30 years a strain with reduced alkaloid content has been developed, called 'sweet' Lupins. This 'sweet' strain still requires soaking and extended cooking to remove the alkaloids. All this effort is worth it. The Lupins family of the grain legumes are one of the highest in protein content, second only to soy beans.

Suggested Use:
Lupini Beans have a sweet flavor and firm texture. This is a very versatile bean and high in proteins. Eat Lupini Beans by themselves, cooked, chilled and lightly salted, as a snack. Use them in cold or hot salads. They are especially delicious tossed with endive and a fresh herb vinaigrette.

Basic Prep:
Cover 1 cup beans in salted water and soak overnight. Bring 2 quarts fresh water to boil. Add rinsed beans and simmer for about 3 hours, until skins are smooth. Beans should be tender, yet still firm. Soak beans in salted water until bitterness goes away, changing water once daily. One cup dry yields 3 cups cooked.