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Burratina is a deliciously creamy gourmet Italian cheese. Pronounced boor-RAH-tee-na, this Italian cheese is a specialty of Southern Italy, especially the regions of Aupulia, Campania, and Basilicata.


Burrata was invented in Andria at the beginning of the 20th century. Traditionally made from buffalo's milk, today most Burrata is made from cow's milk. Classified as a "spun" or "pulled curd" cheese, Burrata's uniqueness lies in the buttery texture of the cheese's center: "burro" means butter in Italian. The outside of these decadent balls is a wrapped skin made from stretched sheets of mozzarella. This gives the exterior a soft, springy texture. The soft, buttery center is made from fresh cream and unspun mozzarella curds. When you bite or cut into Burrata, the cream oozes out irresistibly.

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