Edwards Surryano Hams are exclusively produced from 100% pasture-raised Heritage Breed pork. They are the American alternative to premium-priced European Prosciutto and Serrano hams. This completely boneless, perfectly marbled Surryano ham is dry-cured by hand with natural ingredients and smoked for a full 7 days over smoldering hickory wood.Then, Surryano hams are aged for more than 400 days to put the finishing touch on its unique mahogany color and bold, distinctive flavor. Sliced paper-thin, it`s the perfect complement to melons, olives and Spanish-style tapas, and it`s great on bread with olive oil and cheeses such as provolone and mozzarella. Slice it ultra-thin, serve it at room temperature for optimal flavor and enjoy its rich taste with friends and family.

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    This is the ham that started it all. S. Wallace Edwards began producing the Wigwam Ham back in 1926, using tried and true traditional methods to create richly flavored country hams that are salt-cured and hickory-smoked. After 270+ days of aging, these wigwam country hams develop their signature intensity, loading each delectable bite with a full-bodied smoky flavor.A favorite choice for country ham lovers everywhere, our hams arrive bone-in, cooked and complete with instructions for storing and preparing.

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