This goat cheese comes from the Veneto Region of Italy. It is produced in the foothills of the famous range of Mountains known as the Dolomites, specifically in the area known as Belluno Mountains, which lie due North from the famous City of Venice. Here the goats roam freely and the milk reflects the varied grasses, flowers and herbs of these rich mountain pastures. Made with pure goats milk, the cheese is first aged for a period of 3 to 4 months. It will then begin the second phase of maturing. For approximately 3 to 4 weeks the rind will be carefully cured , each cheese being individually rubbed daily by hand with the finest extra virgin olive oil, and then with large grains of fresh black pepper. This perfect blend of a very fine cheese with its delicate and never too strong aroma from the goats milk, together with the extra virgin olive oil and black pepper give us an unusual, very delicious and very interesting cheese.

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