The ancient Italian cheese, Montasio, dates back to the 13th century. Born in the beautiful Carnic Alps of northeastern Italy, Montasio was first known as “Carnia” (the name of Friuli’s culture-colliding, mountainous region found between Austria – to the north, and Slovenia – to the east). The herb-saturated alpine pastures on which the cattle graze account for the high-butterfat content milk that forms Montasio’s unmistakable richness and slightly sweet, grassy flavor. After 2 months of controlled aging, Montasio is sold as fresco, Italian for “fresh”. It is the youngest variety of this renowned semi-hard, cooked cheese. Montasio fresco has a white, dense paste dotted with holes, a smooth texture, and a nutty, tangy, yet delicately mild taste within its soft rind that bears the official Montasio Protection Consortium stamp and identification numbers.

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    Made of cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, ferments, salt, rennet. Cylinder shaped, lightstraw yellow colour, edible soft and wrinkled rind, weight about 230 g (8 oz).A soft and very light texture held by a cramy rind features this cheese. Obtained by a long maturation of three milks, the curd is gently processed by hand. La Tur has a great sweetness with cream and butter sensations, followed by acidic notes and yeast flavours.Tasting suggestions: at room temperature.

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    Robiola Bosina is a bloomy rind, square shaped Italian cheese that is made from a blend of sheep and cows milk. Produced by the Caseificio dell`Alta Langa dairy in Piedmont, this cheese has a creamy, elastic and supple pate with a rind that is velvety and pillowy. Its appearance has a straw colored pate and a bright white rind. The cheese has full rich flavors that are earthy and mushroomy with undertones of sweetness and tanginess attributed to the sheep milk

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    A soft, blue cheese made with uncooked cow’s whole milk . Its name is that of a small town in Lombardy near Milan, where it is said to have been born in the twelfth century in order to retrieve a forgotten curd of the day before. Gorgonzola Dolce is a soft cheese, with a homogeneous distribution of its mainly blue coloured veins.

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    In the Bergamo region of northern Italy, the country’s most enduring washed rind cheese was born. Taleggio, made in the valley of the same name, has a soft, creamy and extremely flavorful interior with a salty, rose-to-orange colored crust. Known for its intense aroma, Taleggio is a member of the Italian Stracchino cheeses. Though relatively new to the cheese scene (it was formally named and released in the market following World War I), this cow’s milk delight originated in the 11th and 12th centuries, as cheese makers sought to develop methods to preserving these delicate cheeses. What makes the Arrogoni Taleggio unique is that it is still hand formed, salted and aged in Italy. Adorned with a Denominazione di Origine Protetta (D.O.P.) status, this Taleggio is washed with sea water and aged for at least 30 days to develop its assertive and tangy flavors.

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    This naturally sweet, yet surprisingly light, soft cheese is made from the freshest pasteurized cream. The ultimate dessert cheese, it compliments chocolates, coffee, fruits, liqueurs and is used to make tiramisu. Excellent on pasta, or as a delicious spread (with just half the calories of butter.) Kosher approved.
    Easy Serving Ideas

    Combine BelGioioso Mascarpone with a sweet liqueur. Place alternating layers of fresh fruit and the Mascarpone mixture into parfait glasses. Serve with a sweet wine or champagne for an elegant dessert.
    Mix BelGioioso Mascarpone with pure maple syrup and spread onto piping hot French toast and garnish with fresh berries for an elegant Sunday brunch entrée.
    Serve BelGioioso Mascarpone with radishes and a fruity ale beer for an interesting party appetizer.
    For a succulent side dish, combine BelGioioso Mascarpone with fresh herbs or vegetables such as basil, spinach, red or yellow peppers or sun-dried tomatoes. Mix with hot pasta or rice and serve.
    Mix BelGioioso Mascarpone with BelGioioso CreamyGorg®. Thinly spread mixture onto slices of prosciutto. Roll onto breadsticks, pear or apple slices, or zucchini, cucumber and celery sticks.

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    Portoni in Bergamo, Italy. It has a square shape and dry and wrinkly rind with an amber grey colour. The texture of the Blu di Bufala is an Italian blue-veined cheese made with full-fat pasteurized buffalo milk by Quattro paste ranges from creamy to crumbly with a light cream colour and blue veins spread throughout. The aroma has a milky, acidic note while the flavour is distinct, slightly intense with the sweetness of buffalo`s milk.

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    Cacio de Roma an Italian semi-soft cheese made using sheep`s milk, made in the countryside of Rome, Italy. Cacio means cheese, is used in most of the parts of Italy. This cheese in the form of a small round is reffered as Caciotta, while in the rest of Italy it is known as formaggio. The cheese is aged for about one month, during which it develops a tangy flavour and creamy texture. It is the classic table cheese with the aroma of a young sheep`s milk and can be enjoyed as a snack, eat with salad, pizza, pasta. Since it melts very well, it is used in everyday cooking

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    This product is 100% natural with no preservatives, allowing an extended shelf life of one year frozen and four-five days thawed. Chef`s rave at the quality of this product with an old world flavor profile like the day it was processed. A unique taste makes our products stand out, natural result of the tradition and innovation we export around the world. Alongside Buffalo Mozzarella, awarded with the prestigious recognition of the PDO seal, one can find other dairy products deriving from buffalo milk like ricotta, provola and more pulled-curd cheeses.

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    Dolomitico is a semi-hard blue cheese prepared with pasteurized cow`s milk. It is aged for a minimum of 50 days during which the wheels are washed in both barley malt and double malt beer from Italy’s Dolomite region. The beer wash gives the cheese a dark brown rind beneath which lies a dense, crumbly paste with blue veins. Flavours are intense and persistent with toasty notes. Pair it with a light beer or a stout

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    The original Fontina produced in the Italian Alps is a semisoft, washed-rind unpasteurized cow’s milk cheese aged about 3 months. Rich and buttery cheese, Fontina finishes with an earthy flavor. It’s excellent for fondues and au gratin dishes.

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    A fanciful version of our most loved cheese. The paste is fresh and delicate, punctuated by tiny, fragrant small pieces of chili pepper.

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    Pinna follows the principles of time-honored Sardinian tradition when selecting the finest goat’s milk in Sardinia to produce a hard cheese, with strong fragrant characteristics that come from the special essential oils in the grazing land of the Sardinian hinterland, where goat breeds are raised. The cheese is ready after being aged at least 4 months in Pinna’s traditional cellars. It has a cylindrical shape with flat sides. The rind is dark in color; the texture is hard, compact with an ivory-white color.

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    The Pinna’s cheese range increases thanks to a “Caciotta” produced with pure Sardinian goat’s milk. It is sweet and small; it meets the needs of a modern consumer thanks to the lightness and nutritional benefits of goat’s milk. The appearance of “Capretto” takes the characteristic shape of “a dorso di mulo” (rounded sides), and it recalls the traditional cheeses produced in the Sardinian sheepfolds. Capretto is a soft cheese with few eyes, ivory-white in color. The rind is smooth and straw-yellow in color.

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    Produced according to ancient traditions in the sheepfolds by Sardinian shepherds with raw milk to preserve the high nutritional value of sheep’s milk. The texture inside is firm, it has a characteristic smoky aroma and a spicy, savory taste. It has the typical shape “a dorso di mulo” that means rounded sides, a wrinkled rind, smoked and dark in color due to the treatment with olive oil during maturation. The cheese inside is white tending to straw-yellow. After selecting the best cheese, the Pinna Company takes care of the maturation, the smoking process and the product marketing stage.

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    A semi-cooked cheese with an intense aroma, flavorsome and a typical product of the Sardinian cheese-making tradition. The rind is smooth, dark-yellow in color, surface-treated with olive oil; the texture is compact, more or less firm depending on the length of maturation, and pale-yellow in color. The unique characteristics of this cheese were officially recognized in 1996, by the award of the “Protected Designation of Origin” label, which has helped safeguard production technique, protecting the original flavor and increasing its presence on the market.

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    A hard cheese that matures for at least five months, it is flavorsome and slightly tangy. The rind, typically “Canestrata” (basket-shape rind), is pale yellow-white in color. The cheese inside is white, firm with black peppercorn.

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    Typical soft, mild Sardinian table cheese, with a fresh and flavorsome taste. The rind is smooth, straw-yellow in color. The cheese inside is white with a few eyes. The unique characteristics of this cheese were officially recognized in 1996, by the award of the “Protected Designation of Origin” label, which has helped safeguard production technique, protecting the original flavor and increasing its presence on the market.

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    Some may mispronounce this deliciously rich, fresh, Italian cheese as “Mar-sca-pone,” when in fact, the luscious sounding “Mas-car-po-ne” is the amazingly creamy cheese. No matter how it is pronounced, Gelmini Mascarpone has a pale, cream-colored paste and soft, spreadable texture. With a feel that is more akin to clotted cream, Mascarpone is made from cow’s milk and features a light taste with a slight tang and a rich, silky texture. The cream is churned like butter and then drained for a thick, luxurious feel. While Mascarpone is known as the cheese that defines Tiramisù, it actually pre-dates the dessert by approximately 400 years, with its origin said to be set in the 16th century in Lombardi, Italy. Today, Gelmini, located in the Ticino River Valley of Lombardy, uses only the freshest, finest, local cow’s milk to create their incredibly full-bodied cheese.

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    This ancient cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk collected in the countryside of Rome and produced in Nepi, 15 miles north of the city. Aged 10 months to 1 year and coated in black wax per tradition, Fulvi® is in a class by itself. What separates Fulvi® from other Pecorino Romanos is the higher butterfat content of the whole (not skimmed) sheep’s milk from Lazio, making it less dry and hard than those made in Sardinia. The cheese is also less salty, allowing you to enjoy its rich flavor grated or eaten as is. Even a small amount will create a hearty flavor to enhance your favorite dish.

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    This Goats Milk Ricotta Salata is a dried, salty, aged sheep`s milk cheese from Sicily. Ricotta means re-cooked and Salata means salted. It is sometimes called Ricotta secca, the cheese is made from the whey part of the goats milk and is very white.
    Ricotta Salata is made from fresh ricotta that has been pressed, salted and aged for at least 90 days, the result is a firm cheese, ideal for grating and often used in salads or pasta dishes.

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    No cheese case would be complete without Gorgonzola, Italy’s contribution to the big blues of the world. This piccante version, called Mountain Gorgonzola, is a “natural” type of cheese, and matures for 90 days. With its buttery consistency and fervent blue veining, it straddles the line between creamy and crumbly, making it suitable for the table as well as sauces and salads.

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    Grana Padano is an Italian semi-fat, hard cheese with a finely grained texture. It is pale yellow in color and has a delicate flavor. It is made from top quality milk from cows that have been fed and raised under strict guidelines. Grana Padano is a registered trademark name given to cheese that is made in certain geographical regions of Italy.
    Grana Padano is considered an excellent grating cheese, which makes it a great complement to many foods, such as salads and pasta. Grana Padano is very similar to Parmigiano-Reggiano but has been aged for less time and has a more delicate flavor.
    Wine Pairing:
    Pair with a fine Italian Brut or Vino Lugano for white; a Barolo or Brunello for red. For a longer aged (over two years) Grana Padano, you can pair it with a fortified wine such as Marsala Soleras.
    Serving Suggestion:
    Serve this cheese as a table cheese with nuts or grapes; or grate it over pasta and other dishes.

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    Italco remains commited to bringing you excellent convenience options. Fresh grated from whole imported wheels here at Italco Food Products. The perfect solution for time saving and convenience – Authentic Grana Padono blended in house and delivered to you free of any starches or additives – Just great real cheese.

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