• De Cecco, Capellini, Bulk

    This is thin rod shaped pasta; it is between 0.033′ and 0.036′ thick. The origins of Capellini, with their evocative name (fine hair) and light consistency, are contested between the area around Genoa, Naples and the Ciociaria (central Italy). It is one of the thinnest types of long pasta wound into a nest shape. Even the name Capellini is reminiscent of the fine consistency of this type of pasta which is ideal for infants from 9 months old onwards to help them get used to eating food for grown-ups.

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  • De Cecco, Farfalle, Bulk

    Farfalle come from Lombardia and Emilia Romagna and are named after their bowtie shape, with a little frill right in the middle. They are 1.614′ long and between 0.052′ and 0.054′ thick.

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  • De Cecco, Fettucine, Bulk

    Fettucine are part of the long, flat pasta family, it has a long nest shape, with a flat or almost flat section. It is between 0.040 – 0.043 thick. It is not easy to establish where this type of pasta originated from, which is popular all over Italy, albeit with different local names. Fettucine were probably originally from Lazio where they are the pride of all regional cooking.

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  • De Cecco, Fusilli, Bulk

    Fusilli belong to the very short straight pasta cuts; they are a speciality of the Campania region. They have a spiral shape; they are 1.614′ long, between 0.053′ and 0.058′ thick, with a 0.393′ diameter. Long ago, Fusilli were made with a traditional method, passed on from mother to daughter, by twisting with a swift and confident movement of the hands, a ‘spaghetto’ around a knitting needle. This movement resembled the one of a spinning machine. The word fusillo, as a matter of fact, comes from fuso, spindle or rod typical of knitting.

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  • De Cecco, Linguine, Bulk

    Linguine is a Ligurian specialty. They are flat and narrow like a tagliatella between 0.057” and 0.062” thick.

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  • De Cecco, Mezzi Rigatoni, Bulk

    Mezzi Rigatoni comes from the Campania region in southern Italy. They belong to the very short straight ridged pasta cuts. They are 0.925′ long and between 0.045′ and 0.048′ thick, with a 0.629 diameter. They are ideal combined with meat and vegetable – based sauces. Best are liquid based sauces able to to cling to the pasta’s ridges.

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  • De Cecco, Orecchiette, Bulk

    Orecchiette (little ears), also known as strascicati, are a typical pasta shape from the Apulia culinary tradition. The shape is a round disc with a slight indent in the centre. In the dome part, they are between 0.049′ and 0.053′ thick and between 0.054′ and 0.057′ on the rim. In Puglia, according to the homemade pasta tradition, the Orecchiette were made with flour, durum wheat semolina, and water. The small pasta chunks were dragged with the point of the knife forming a sort of shell and then turned up side down with the thumb tip.

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  • De Cecco, Penne Rigati, Bulk

    Penne Rigate are a specialty from Campania and belong to the diagonal, ridged pasta cuts. They are 1.535 long and between 0.044 and 0.050 thick.

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  • De Cecco, Spaghetti, Bulk

    The popular Spaghetti format was born in Southern Italy and in those towns where the pasta making concentrated: Naples, Genoa and Liguria in general. The Spaghetto is the typical long rod pasta format with a round section with a diameter varying from 0.075′ and 0.078. Historically, the first official evidence of the name ‘spaghetto’ goes back to 1819 on the pages of the first Italian dictionary by Nicolé Tommaseo and Bernardo Bellini. This is how the definition starts off ‘singular masculin, diminutive of spago (thread)’ and with a mention to the Spaghetti soup: as thick as a thread of spago and as long as ‘sopracapellini’. In 1957 BBC broadcasted the first scientific documentary on their production. The following day BBC phone lines were chcked up with phone calls of people asking for more information on spaghetti producers and distributer in order to buy them.

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  • De Cecco, Thin Spaghetti, Bulk

    This cut comes from southern Italy, specifically from Naples. It has a round section (long, thin round strands) and is between 0.045 and 0.046 thick.

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  • De Cecco, Tortiglioni, Bulk

    Tortiglioni’s geographic origin is uncertain. They belong to the short, straight ridged pasta cuts. They are 1.889 long, between 0.041 and 0.045 thick , with a 0.444 diameter.

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