Maxorata is a Majorero cheese produced in Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) with pasteurized milk from the Majorera goat. This cheese has a creamy, smooth and buttery with a mouth-watering, long-lasting flavor and a tender yet firm texture. Fresh, rich flavor with subtle but lasting notes of walnut, juxtaposed with bright acid.

    Maxorata has reaped numerous successes and prizes. It has received the Super Gold, Gold and Silver medals at several editions of the World Cheese Awards. It has also been distinguished with the 2018 Gold Medal and the 2016 Silver and Bronze medal at the World Championship Cheese Contest. In Spain, it was recognised as the best Spanish cheese at the 2017 Salón del Gourmet also winning the 2016 Golden Cincho award, among many others.

    The Fuerteventura Goat
    There have always been goats in Fuerteventura. Their presence on the island has been documented since the year 1402 with the arrival of the first European settlers.

    Fuerteventura’s native goat is the Majorera, a resistant breed perfectly adapted to our arid climate. It is considered a jewel of the Canary Islands’ livestock due to its dairy importance. It is one of the breeds with the highest milk production of arid areas in the world and is highly appreciated for the quality of its milk, which is dense, aromatic and rich in protein and fat.

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