The world doesn’t need another bag of chips. What it does need are companies and people who give a darn about doing the right thing…about making the world fairer…about helping those less fortunate…about making a difference now when people are in need.

Taking a bite out of hunger.

Every time you buy a bag of Community Snacks you are not only buying the best tasting chips ever, you are helping us make a difference in our local communities, you are helping to feed a neighbor, a friend, a loved one. Community Snacks donates 10% of our profits to make a difference. You are Chipping In & Giving Back!™️. What could have a bigger impact on our community than making sure our neighbors don’t go hungry?


Truffles have a nutty, earth flavor with savory black olive nuances. White truffles are pungent, with flavor and aroma that can resemble garlic or shallots. Black truffles are associated with chocolatey notes. Often times the aroma of fresh truffle spores is stronger than the flavor, as even the strongest black truffles will not overpower other ingredients on the palate.


1000 day gouda is aged out an additional year beyond their usual extra-aged Overjarige, and is available on an extremely limited basis. These raw milk gouda wheels maintain their sweet, nutty flavor, with a generous smattering of tyrosine crystals. Unlike many extra aged goudas, the texture remains dense and slightly creamy – it won’t shatter when you portion it out. We’re offering this cheese in quarter-wheel (4 lb) cuts, to make handling easier for our customers.