GOURMINO HORNBACHER “The Baked Potato Cheese” 

Michael Spycher – 3-time World Cheese Champion

“I learned the art of cheesemaking as a very young man. Through further training I became a master cheesemaker. However, I am convinced that there are many things that cannot be learned to become a world champion. Personally, I often rely on my gut feeling and experience. Both developed over the years and in exchange with older like-minded people who share my passion for cheese. I have been running the dairy together with my wife Monika since 2001. She sells our fresh milk, yoghurts and cheese every day in the dairy shop next door.” Michu, as Michael Spycher is called by his friends, has been producing the Hornbacher for 25 years. The cheese got its name from the small river that flows through right next to the dairy. A normal cheese cellar is usually too small for the longer maturing of the cheese produced. So in Fritzenhaus, in 2013. Michu convinced his milk suppliers and at the same time owners of the dairy to build their own cellar. Hornbacher is therefore affined by Michu Spycher in his own cheese cellar from the beginning until shortly before delivery to our customers


Local pear and apple juice combined with classic fall spices make for a drink that is not only refreshing but helps you change with the seasons.


MOR began with our founder Rob and his passion for home-brewing. After coming to the realization that the kombucha he was crafting for his family and friends was worlds better than any commercial brand, Rob started brewing kombucha at home as a little side-project. After settling down in Colorado, he began experimenting with different brewing methods, dedicated to finding a solution that would keep the common, overly vinegary taste of kombucha at bay while still preserving the art and benefits of fermented tea. With a lot of elbow grease, a little luck, and a lot of heart, MOR Kombucha was born.


A delicious cheese from the Poitou-Charente region, as the name refers to. The Délice du Poitou is Guérandais’ cousin, which is where it gets its oval shape from.

This slightly salted goat cheese is sprinkled with vegetable ash, giving it it’s signature dark grey rind.

It is smooth and tender, rich and herbaceous.