This naturally sweet, yet surprisingly light, soft cheese is made from the freshest pasteurized cream. The ultimate dessert cheese, it compliments chocolates, coffee, fruits, liqueurs and is used to make tiramisu. Excellent on pasta, or as a delicious spread (with just half the calories of butter.) Kosher approved.
    Easy Serving Ideas

    Combine BelGioioso Mascarpone with a sweet liqueur. Place alternating layers of fresh fruit and the Mascarpone mixture into parfait glasses. Serve with a sweet wine or champagne for an elegant dessert.
    Mix BelGioioso Mascarpone with pure maple syrup and spread onto piping hot French toast and garnish with fresh berries for an elegant Sunday brunch entrée.
    Serve BelGioioso Mascarpone with radishes and a fruity ale beer for an interesting party appetizer.
    For a succulent side dish, combine BelGioioso Mascarpone with fresh herbs or vegetables such as basil, spinach, red or yellow peppers or sun-dried tomatoes. Mix with hot pasta or rice and serve.
    Mix BelGioioso Mascarpone with BelGioioso CreamyGorg®. Thinly spread mixture onto slices of prosciutto. Roll onto breadsticks, pear or apple slices, or zucchini, cucumber and celery sticks.

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