Made of cow milk, sheep milk, goat milk, ferments, salt, rennet. Cylinder shaped, lightstraw yellow colour, edible soft and wrinkled rind, weight about 230 g (8 oz).A soft and very light texture held by a cramy rind features this cheese. Obtained by a long maturation of three milks, the curd is gently processed by hand. La Tur has a great sweetness with cream and butter sensations, followed by acidic notes and yeast flavours.Tasting suggestions: at room temperature.

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    Robiola Bosina is a bloomy rind, square shaped Italian cheese that is made from a blend of sheep and cows milk. Produced by the Caseificio dell`Alta Langa dairy in Piedmont, this cheese has a creamy, elastic and supple pate with a rind that is velvety and pillowy. Its appearance has a straw colored pate and a bright white rind. The cheese has full rich flavors that are earthy and mushroomy with undertones of sweetness and tanginess attributed to the sheep milk

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