Ferdinand Schaller’s recipe for the classic German Bologna. Jagdwurst was known as the hunters’ bologna because it was easy to carry and easy to slice, making it great for meals far from the table. The Schaller & Weber Jagdwurst has a coarser grind than bologna or mortadella, which creates the marbled look when sliced. The gluten free recipe uses salt and just a touch of spices to create a great flavor for any sandwich.

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    Schaller & Weber Rippchen is cured in a salt brine then smoked, a centuries-old technique Ferdinand Schaller brought with him to New York City. By using this method to create his Kasseler Rippchen, he gave people a greater, more flavorful alternative to the everyday pork chop. Each cut is fully cooked and smoked for great taste right from the case and so it’s incredible easy to prepare.

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    This old-world holiday favorite was one of the timeless recipes Ferdinand Schaller was able to bring to America and present to his New York City neighbors. Schaller & Weber Pâté with Goose is based on the German gansleberwurst and similar to cle foie, meaning goose and goose liver is added to our pâté recipe for a luxuriously rich flavor.This all-natural interpretation of a classic has a remarkably smooth texture that spreads well on a sliced baguette, while the rich flavor ties it all together for a simple yet sophisticated snack.

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    Schaller & Weber Cheddar Brats are based on Ferdinand Schaller’s Smoked Sausage recipe and influenced by the Austrian Käsekrainer. Instead of Emmentaler, each link is packed with a Vermont Cheddar from Plymouth Artisan Cheese, the second oldest cheese company in the United States (founded in 1890 by Calvin Coolidge’s father.) It all comes together for a tasty dose of smoked flavor, pork filling, and smooth cheddar cheese. Cheddar brats are a summertime favorite and taste great right off the grill, but they’re also a delicious sausage to serve year round.

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    The smoked sausage is ubiquitous in Europe, and each region adds its own flavor and spices to make each sausage unique. It’s the same way with the Schaller & Weber Smoked Sausage. We use Ferdinand Schaller’s classic recipe, with all of its influences and heritage, to create the best smoked sausage available.The Schaller & Weber Smoked Sausages are a mix of pork and beef, slow smoked over a natural hardwood to create a timeless favorite of the European old world for the modern meat eater.

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    This is the ham that started it all. S. Wallace Edwards began producing the Wigwam Ham back in 1926, using tried and true traditional methods to create richly flavored country hams that are salt-cured and hickory-smoked. After 270+ days of aging, these wigwam country hams develop their signature intensity, loading each delectable bite with a full-bodied smoky flavor.A favorite choice for country ham lovers everywhere, our hams arrive bone-in, cooked and complete with instructions for storing and preparing.

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